zondag 27 maart 2011

Tierkratz Bangaladecks Guestmix

TierkratZ is back with a new mixtape they did for a new concept, where they are involved in, in their home-town Ghent (Belgium)
A blend of house and tropical tunes of artist they support and love.
They did the first guestmix for bangladecks,
a nice blend of house and tropical tunes. 
"That weird sound that makes me feel all warm in my belly, 
that mysterious music that makes my hips shake!" 
Damn, can't wait till the summer!

TierkratZ - Bangladecks Guestmix #1 by Bangladecks

01. FCL – Let’s Go Seven 
02. Homework – I’m Into This 
03. Round Table Knights – Cat Power 
04. Diagram Of The Heart – If I Were You (Riva Starr Dub) 
05. Danny T Feat. Oh Snap! – Whine Ya Waistline (Bass Kleph Remix) 
06. Black Rose – Anthem 
07. Munnibrotherz – Moon Chon Chayoh (Zombie Disco Squad Remix) 
08. Prince Club – Body Holly 
09. Art Nouveau – Souk ( SunnyBeach HappySlap MardiGras Remix) 
10. Hickup – Mitzwa 
11. The Criime – Tundra 
12. Playmode – Is This Enough
More info check: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/TierkratZ/63970433205

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